Peppa Pig cupcakes & a 3rd birthday

With last minute venue change.

How on earth did that happen? Poppet just turned 3. It’s true what they say, the years fly by and if you blink you miss it, luckily we didn’t blink and it’s been a brilliant rollercoaster ride so far. 

For the past 6 months Poppet has had a slight obsession with Peppa Pig (I say slight but what I really mean is she’s utterly obsessed) and has been insistant that she wanted that as the theme for her 3rd birthday party. Whilst being pleased that she knew what she wanted I was also a little reluctant as for the month before her 2nd birthday she adored Winnie The Pooh, and then she gleefully announced – on the morning of her party – “Mummy, I don’t like Winnie The Pooh”. This year she’s also been in to Lightning McQueen from the movie “Cars” so to encourage an even boy girl appropriate party, whilst also avoiding the same as last year, we mixed the pinks and reds and laid her party table out with alternate Peppa Pig and Lightning McQueen plates, cups and party hats. 

She really really wanted a Peppa Pig Birthday Cake this year. I hunted for Peppa Pig cakes and surprisingly couldn’t find too much out there that was quite what she wanted, so in the end we spoke to a local cupcake company, Bluebell Cupcakes, who designed and supplied us with the most wonderful tray of Peppa Pig Cupcakes. They looked fantastic and tasted even better, we got enough for the adults too and they went down a storm. It was a breath of fresh air not having to cut the cake too!

We were unlucky enough for her party (which was going to be held in the garden) to be blighted by weather warnings of heavy rain, so 3 days before the 14 children and 16 adults were due to turn up we had to find a venue. We managed it, and bought a bouncy castle to go up inside too. 

For the food we did a couple of platters of sandwiches, stacks of cocktail sausages, bowls of crisps, glazed biscuits and crunchy vegetable sticks, along with two big jugs of orange and lemon squash.

Suffice to say, the theme, the cupcakes, the bouncy castle and a group of great friends and family all made it a day to remember. What made the week that followed memorable was the phone call to say that one of the children who had been at the party came down with chicken pox the next day….. but I’ll save that for another post!